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10 Ways to Search Without Google (Source: PC MAGAZINE - Sept. 2007 By Kyle Monson)

Google accounts for between 40 and 60% of the search engine market. And rightly so - the service gives speedy results and has a very good user interface. If you add in Yahoo! and MSN, the top three search engines have engines have around 90% of the market. However, there are more search engines in the market.

1. Technorati (
If you are not including blogs in your Web searches, you're missing out on a ton of typical search results, which skew toward popularity instead of timeliness.The blog-search service includes plenty of ways to search for the hottest blog content, including a Top Searches list, a list of the most-linked-to blogs, and the music, movies, videos, and games that most bloggers are linking to. Searching is easy, and you can sort results by timeliness (for the newest content) or authority (blogs with more inbound links have more authority)

2. ChaCha (
Can't find what you're looking for? ChaCha Search lets you chat with real live professional guide who takes your query and returns related results tailormade to your specifications. The service is quirky enough to be a lot of fun, and it's completely free.

3. Rollyo (
Short for Roll Your Own Search Engine, Rollyo lets you do just that. You can do general searches or category searches to get results from blogs and the Web at large, or create your own search engine (or Searchroll) to search only specific sites.

4. Kosmix (
This topical search engine conducts searches by cateory: Helth, Autos, Travel, Finance, Politics, and Video Games. On timely issues, its results are pretty terrible and often outdated, so it was tricky to test its effectiveness on search terms other than board issue such as "campaign financing" or "global warming". (The paid search results are much more timely and relevant). Kosmix fared much better with less time-sensitive issue search terms. On health topics it delivered lots of information on prevention, treatment, and risk factors.

5. (
This incredibly feature-rich site uses "subject-specific popularity", though instead of ordering results simply by popularity, it orders them by "popularity among pages considered to be experts on the topic of your search".

6. Clusty (
Clusty takes a different approach to search results. Whereas Google arranges the results in a simple list, Clusty first aggregates the results from several search engines (Google not included), then arranges them in clusters to help you further refine your search.

7. StumbleUpon (
This site gives you Thumbs-up / -down icons in your toolbar and lets you rate pages and sites you coma across. As it learns your preferences, it gets better at directing you to stuff you'll like. You can add other people with similar interests to your friends list, and their preferences will further refine your search results. The site can be slow at times, but it's a great way to find web content you wouldn't be exposed to otherwise.

8. netTrekker (
A good one for the kiddies. This site aimed at schools and students, and every site listed in the search results has been hand-picked by a staff of educators to ensure safe surfing. But this site is not free, it costs $4.95 a month.

9. AfterVote (
This search site aggregates results from the Big Three (Google, Yahoo! and MSN) and adds a social element by letting users "vote" results up or down. It's also ridiculously full-featured. Search results include Alexa and PageRank stats, bugmenot login info, Digg and buttons, and even Wayback Machine archived pages.

10. Draze MetaSearch (
This site lets you collect search results quickly from Google, MSN and Yahoo!. The home page looks like a typical Google page, with search bar. You can also choose to view the results from just one of the search engines or to exclude the results from one. The results page include a Peek.a-Boo feature that gives you full, scrollable page previews, so you dont have to click through a page to see that it isn't helpful.

Further information, read PC Magazine, issue september 4 2007


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